Workflow Management

Never Miss Another Deadline

iChannel Workflow is unique in that it doesn't just manage workflow status information but also provides broader visibility into the data behind the projects including files, emails, contacts, notes, and more.

Workflow allows you to manage any type of project and provides visibility to both individual users as well as management into workflow status and individual task assignments.

Workflow responsibilities are assigned, tracked, managed, and reported so that due dates are met and work is properly balanced across available resources.

Workflow Rollover Tool allows users to search for workflows from the previous year and to define how new workflows will be created in the following year(s), using a combination of data from the previous year workflow and the workflow templates.

“We see big productivity gains using the Workflow for processes. We can send a file around to all involved parties, work collaboratively and keep track of where the product is in the life cycle.”

Ameen Lalani, Netwrok Administrator, HCVT