Top 5 Trends in Document Management in 2018

Do you know if your company’s Document Management System (DMS) solution provides the best efficiency for the price? OR Do you already know other options exist but can’t stand the thought of transition?

This webinar will provide insight into what you may be missing and whether or not it’s worth it to change course.

Featuring Document Management Expert, Ben Spoerl, this webinar, hosted by Conarc, on March 28th at 2 pm EST, will cover what the latest systems offer, what features you may be missing out on, and why making the switch could boost productivity and lead to impressive, company-wide ROI results.

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Ben Spoerl, Senior Sales Engineer, joined Conarc in 2010 and has over 17 years of experience in the software space. Ben lives in NJ with his wife and two little girls.  He enjoys golf, cooking, watching sports of all kinds and spending time with friends & family. Ben utilizes his skill set as an experienced software consultant to hone in on what companies need and determine how Conarc can help them meet that need. Visit the Contact Us page to get in touch with Ben now.

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