General Contractor Case Study: Zack Painting Company

iChannel Helps Zack Painting Manage New Growth

Company: Zack Painting Company
Industry: Commercial and Industrial Painting
Issue: Lost Documents and Compliance
Solution: iChannel Content Manager
Result: Organizational efficiencies, Employee Accountability, return on investment in first year


As our organization grows and changes, we found that managing their own content can be challenging. “Misplaced documents and the time we wasted looking for them was really what pushed us to make a change,” said both John Prego & Lou Martinelli of Zack Painting. “Every minute a file was sitting on someone’s desk-unused, was a delay to our project” said Martinelli, Zack Paintings Director of Business Development. Prego went on to say. “In addition to addressing that key issue, we have found so many additional benefits of iChannel.”


We turned to Conarc’s iChannel product based on a recommendation from our accounting firm (also an iChannel user). “Giving our project managers instant access to all files, emails and drawings out in the field has really made a big difference,” said Prego, who oversees all project management for the firm. He went on to say, “Historically, if there was an issue they would need to head back to the office, locate the files, and follow up with the client at a later time. Now they just pull those things up on their iPad, address the concern, and move on with the project. It really gives us improved speed as a company.”


  • Ability to manage new growth
  • Return on investment in less then 12 months
  • Accountability for employees

“The year following our implementation of iChannel, our business increased significantly and with the efficiencies of iChannel we have been able to handle that increase without additional head count” said Prego. Both Prego and Martinelli agreed “We initially expected a 5 year return on our investment in the system and can safely say we got our ROI in less than 1 year.”

About Zack Painting Company

Zack Painting Company is one of the nation’s largest full service painting and wall covering contractors located in Fords, New Jersey. Since 1923, Zack Painting has grown to become a diversified and state of the art company, performing projects in all business sectors from manufacturing and industrial to retail and corporate office spaces. Their clients include BASF, Bank of America, Wachovia, Princeton University, Rutgers University, Home Depot, Starbucks, Pfizer, CBRE, Colliers International, Cushman & Wakefield, Time Warner, & Kraft.