iChannel Gives Crop Insurance Agents a Competitive Edge


Lance was looking to replace their document management software Cabinet NG. When iChannel was introduced to them by a colleague in the agriculture industry, they immediately saw that it had so much more to offer than their current system.


iChannel DMS, CRM and Portal allows Lance to quickly, scan, file and retrieve documents quickly from wherever they are with 24/7 access to everything they need. iChannel is now a vital part of Lance’s daily business that their agents and clients have come to depend it.


  • 25% Business Growth Since Implementation of iChannel
  • Saved AgTexas from needing an additional, full-time staff member
  • Secure File Sharing
  • Improved Organization and Efficiency
  • Remote Accessibility

Specific Areas of Benefit

Recently, we talked with Seth Sowder, Lance Insurance Agent about their experience with iChannel. All quotations below are credited to him.

Improved Efficiency & Faster Payment on Claims with All Files in One Place: “One of the biggest advantages that using iChannel gives us is efficiency. Being able to share documents quickly and easily gives us a competitive edge. With iChannel, we see faster turnaround for our clients and faster payment on claims,” Seth Sowder, Lance Insurance. Seth also shared that accessing documents in iChannel is so much faster than using websites with files provided by AIP’s. Rather than having to look through a long list of files to find what we need, we can search by year, title, client, etc. in iChannel for specific documents. That is a huge timesaver.”

Remote Access to Documents: Lance Insurance Agents are able to work from wherever they are. They are able to pull documents in the field while sitting with a farmer or anywhere they have internet access at any time of day.

Easy Access to Archived Documents: “Secure, organized document storage has set a precedent with our clients. They know that I will scan and save all of their documents for later use if needed. They know that they can request details on just about anything that we have worked on together and I am able to retrieve it effortlessly.”

Saving and Tracking Communications with Clients: Lance reports that they track all of their daily interactions with clients in iChannel. It gives them a way to save emails, notes on conversations, phone calls and more in the client file area. “We love that we can track and look back to see what has transpired with each client.” This allows them to give each client more personalized service with a thorough understanding of their situation.

Better Retention Rates: “Archived documents and improved efficiencies have been instrumental in improving both our Agent and Client retention. Agents know that they can rely on the system and access it from wherever they are 24/7. Clients know that I will keep copies that are safe and sound. They may ask for records that are 5 or more years old and we can quickly find those copies. Having records in iChannel was a huge asset when implementing the new changes to the Farm Bill.”

About Lance Insurance Agency

Locally owned and operated, Lance Insurance, has been a vital part of the community in Sudan, Texas since 1972. Today, they serve clients all over Texas and New Mexico. Lance offers services in extensive lines of personal and commercial insurance. Their belief in providing superior service to their clients in all of their risk management needs results in a loyal client base and consistent growth. Lance’s clients have come to know them as a reliable, trusted source that they can count on for superior service on their multi-peril crop, home, auto and life insurance services.