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iChannel Makes It Easy To Provide Exceptional Customer Service While Attracting New Crop Insurance Customers


AgTexas was looking to convert all of their paper files to digital files and, due to the nature of their business, also wanted to have remote access to documents. “Paper files restricted our capabilities. When we decided we needed to go digital, we were introduced to iChannel by a respected colleague who was in our industry. We were thrilled to find a product that was already customized based on our industry’s needs.” -Bree Nelson, Regional Vice President- Insurance Services at AgTexas Farm Credit Services.


iChannel Document Management and CRM gives AgTexas the capability to scan and file all of their documents instantly. This has streamlined the filing process resulting in quicker, more accurate service for their customers. Ag Texas also uses CRM to run reports. Those reports give them the capability to easily see which agents work with which customers, which customers have all their necessary documents filed and what crops each customer grows.

  • Results 25% Business Growth Since Implementation of iChannel
  • Saved an additional, full-time staff member
  • Secure File Sharing
  • Improved Organization and Efficiency
  • Remote Accessibility

Specific Areas of Benefit

Recently, we talked with Bree Nelson, Regional Vice President at AgTexas Farm Credit Services about her experience with iChannel. All quotations below are credited to her.

Secure File Sharing Options: With iChannel, AgTexas can save, file and share documents securely and quickly. iChannel also allows secure, immediate, remote access so they can cross-support other offices regardless of where they are located.

Improved Organization and Efficiency: Efficiency has improved tremendously since AgTexas started using iChannel. “With iChannel, 90% of our documents are filed as they are finalized or received, then scanned to relevant AIPS immediately. Batch scanning saves a huge amount of time and, if it weren’t for iChannel, we would need an additional staff member just to manage filing.”

Remote Accessibility: AgTexas utilizes the easy access to documents that iChannel provides. “Before iChannel, sometimes I would have to drive to an office to find documents and physically pull files to get the information that I needed. Now, even if I’m on the road when I get a call, I can pull over and look up files on my iPad. Everything I need is instantly accessible.”

Staff Adoption: “iChannel has been well accepted by our team. We had to have a document management system and we jumped in with both feet. Implementation coincided with Spring Sales-closing and we had to file all of our records. The Back Office filing option made a huge difference because we did not have staff to assist in filing at the time. iChannel got me out of the biggest pickle of my life and has continued to be a daily life saver.”

Advice for Firms Planning to Implement iChannel

“Unlike so many other software solutions, iChannel specializes in our industry. They understand the crop insurance business and have created a document management solution that caters to our needs. As a result, no major preparations were needed for iChannel implementation. We took all of the docs that were going into files and just batch scanned them.”

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AgTexas Farm Credit Services is dedicated to the prosperity of agriculture and rural America.
Their knowledgeable team works closely with clients to offer loans, crop insurance and other products to assist them as they develop sustainable, profitable businesses. Their customer-service focused business culture includes a keen focus on using technology and resources to meet their customers when and where they are needed AgTexas’ crop insurance programs offer risk management tools that add to their customers’ bottom line. They provide clients with the information needed to understand crop insurance programs and help them make important management decisions to protect their investments, borrowed capital and current savings. Crop insurance provides an added peace of mind.