General Contractors report a return on investment in less than one year with iChannel. iChannel provides contractors access to their contracts, floor plans, permits, work orders and more from any where at any time to keep every job running on budget and schedule. The productivity gains enable contractors to compete more effectively and grow their business more profitably.

“We see big productivity gains using the Workflow for processes. We can send a file around to all involved parties, work collaboratively and keep track of where the product is in the life cycle.”

Ameen Lalani, Network Administrator, HCVT

"Overall, the best thing iChannel has given us is accountability. Before iChannel, when completing a project or getting a quote out the door took longer than expected, we didn’t have a real way to address those issues and improve the process. Now, I can look multiple times a day at the status of our projects and address bottlenecks by reassigning work before they cause delays. iChannel also give me the data that I need to compete for and win contracts."
John Prego, Director of Operations, Northeast Contractors Inc.
"The year following our implementation of iChannel, our business grew significantly and with the efficiencies of iChannel we have been able to handle that increase without additional head count. We initially expected a 5 year return on our investment in the system and can safely say we got our ROI in less than 1 year."
Lou Martinelli, Business Development, Zack Painting
"95% of our orders are automatically entered into our system via FlexiCapture. We have reduced our errors to nearly none. Our customer service department is more efficient and much happier for the changes. We have saved the company and the customer time and money through the use of FlexiCapture!"
Summer Orr, Royal Metal Products

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