iChannel has developed a document management solution specifically for the crop insurance industry. We understand your unique business requirements and we are here to help. Our agriculture clients report increased efficiency in filing paperwork, improved ability to work remotely, and quicker claim processing which improves brand loyalty allowing them to win more business.

"With iChannel, all of our documents are stored electronically, in a central location and we are able to access them remotely. Our staff and clients can retrieve, review, and share documents from wherever they are. Now our clients have 24/7 access to their records. Also, Conarc and its staff really focuses on the personal touch and that has been a good fit for our business."
Monty Edwards, CEO, AgProM
"We love iChannel and the helpful staff. They were and continue to be available for every single question that we have. Having iChannel allows me to service customers while still earning new business which is a huge advantage for us. iChannel makes it easy to provide exceptional customer service while attracting new customers."
Bree Nelson, Crop Insurance, Ag Texas
"iChannel is a huge timesaver. One of the biggest advantages that using iChannel gives us is efficiency. Being able to share documents quickly and easily gives us a competitive edge. With iChannel, we see faster turnaround for our clients and faster payment on claims."
Seth Sowder, Crop Insurance Agent, Lance Insurance

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