"Using iChannel, we save about 30 minutes on every tax return that we process. That is an estimated savings of $150 on every return that we prepare which translates to $525,000 saved per year on tax returns alone."

Steven Kurinsky, CPA, Tax & Business Supervisor, DeLeon & Stang

iChannel provides a seamless view of your documents, contacts, and forms in one place.

Our clients report that every staff member saves AT LEAST 15 minutes per day using iChannel. When you calculate the time savings for your firm, you will likely save thousands every day in billable hours. Talk with our experts to find out how much money you are wasting every day that you do not have iChannel.

"iChannel document management met our need to go paperless and gave us powerful search tools that allowed us to find the files and client information that we needed instantly. In iChannel, it’s very quick and easy to search for files with a name, a date, a word, etc. Overall, this is a big timesaver for all of our staff."
Paul Deckman, CPA, Principal, The Bonadio Group
"iChannel is used daily by our entire firm. We use document management, routing, automation and have exploited all of what it offered to our benefit. It has changed and simplified all of our processes. iChannel is an integral part of WISS now."
Don Logan, Director of Technology, WISS
"The secure email is a HUGE hit with both professional and administrative staff; clients like it too. The cost saving will come this year and they are actually materializing as planned. Overall, we are very happy to have moved to iChannel."
Ed Hanley, CPA, Director and Principle, Shea Labagh Dobberstein

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We understand the cost equals growth. If you can operate on a lower cost basis then your competition you will take market share. Conarc’s suite of integrated solutions drives cost out of your business, fueling your growth.