Email Management

Rapidly Filter, Sort and Search Emails

Email Management

Rapidly filter, sort and search emails, and easily identify the most current iteration of an email thread. iChannel eliminates the problem of saving multiple copies of messages and attachments.

Automatic updates track the history of attached files, with who, where, and when they were sent. Full integration with Microsoft Outlook™ enables automatic storing of attached documents and message content.

Never Lose an Email or Waste Time Searching Your Inbox Again

The iChannel email management tool allows you to attach every email communication to the client record enabling you to see everything you need to know in one view, on one screen. Outlook integration allows you to easily save a message, manage the thread and share those messages across your organization effortlessly. Coupled with an embedded secure file transfer tool, you gain powerful time savings.


"The secure email is a HUGE hit with both professional and administrative staff; clients like it too. The cost savings are actually materializing as planned. Overall, we are very happy to have moved to iChannel."

Ed Hanley, CPA, Director and Principle, Shea Labagh Dobberstein