5 Reasons why your business should consider an Enterprise Content Management System

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June 29, 2018
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August 16, 2018

Enterprise Content Management is the systematic management of documents and other pieces of data throughout their lifetime. Enterprise Content management differs from Document management by managing documents throughout its lifecycle. The lifecycle of a document consists of different stages that every document goes through that measures its usefulness from its conception to the inevitable archival or destruction process, where it the contents of the data are no longer needed for immediate use. Here are 5 reasons why your business should consider utilizing an enterprise content management system for your business.

1. Managing a document through its lifecycle can remove unnecessary clutter and help you manage the documents that are actually needed, instead of all documents that you own. When sifting through thousands of documents or emails trying to locate a specific set of documents, removing documents that you know have no immediate or future value to you are best to be removed from the system and archived or destroyed if there is no future benefit. By having a separate place to keep archived data, businesses can separate documents in their current lifecycle and documents past their lifecycle, making locating documents much easier and streamlined than ever before.
2. Scalability is an important factor when choosing any software, especially one dealing with data retention and allocation. When using a software for your business, you want the peace of mind that if you rapidly expand in a short amount of time, then your software tools will be able to accommodate your growth rate. Enterprise content systems such a iChannel have the ability to scale as your business does. Another benefit of Scalability comes with a seasonal business such as a CPA firm, where during tax season, there are exponentially more employees than during other times of the year. By having the option to scale as your business does, enterprise content management systems are invaluable for any business.
3. Collaboration within a company is necessary for the completion of tasks and achieving synergy in the workplace. With an enterprise content management system, having the ability for all users to have the ability to see real time updates and keep track of each other’s schedules through an integrated calendar develops into workplace accountability and results. When using an enterprise content management system, not only can employees collaborate on one facet of the software such as document management, but employees can collaborate on client portals, CRM or workflow to produce a synergistic effect.
4. Environmentally Friendly might not be the first phrase you think of when thinking about software, but when a business uses an enterprise content management system, they greatly reduce their carbon footprint by migrating all of the data they had in paper, into electronic copies. Now this might seem more ecologically beneficial than fiscally beneficial, but think about the amount spent on printers, ink, paper annually. Not only can your business promote eco-friendly practices, but your business will also be saving money in the process.
5. All in one enterprise content management software’s are usually not what they say that they are, by not having the proper integrations set in place or simply not being a streamline service. Having a truly integrated software platform that has the ability for multiple add-on’s and customizations, as well as being fully functional in all facets of the software is exactly what iChannel offers. By using an enterprise content management software for all business tasks such as transferring information, search for necessary data, putting tasks in the calendar, or any customizations, your business can save both time and money while also having one platform for all business functions. I would highly consider using an enterprise content management system for all of your businesses processes.

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