Future Proof Your Enterprise Content Management System

Is it Time to Assess Your Document Management System?
June 13, 2018
5 Reasons why your business should consider an Enterprise Content Management System
July 24, 2018

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Document Management Systems are a growing necessity in many industries and the number of firms that require a highly automated data management system is exponentially expanding. Many of these companies are focused on finding a DMS solution for the here and now, but what they should be looking for is a DMS solution for their future needs. In order to “future proof” an enterprise content software, having the proper integrations that have endless capabilities and upgradable features to keep up with future demands is the differentiator between a capable DMS and one that can grow as the business grows. When assessing the capabilities of a document management system, it is important to use Moore’s Law in determining the growing use of data per user and how increased bandwidth and display capabilities translates into needing more servers to securely store data. Since Moore’s Law states that the price of hardware goes down while the capabilities continue increasing, the use of technology across all industries is growing and not slowing down any time soon. Because of this, having a proper way to store important data is necessary in today’s data driven world.

There are many features in document management systems, but the most necessary features in having a long lasting DMS is the ability to integrate different software applications into the system, a large amount of space that can retain massive amounts of data, a great user interface and most importantly, a secure environment to hold the data in. iChannel has the ability to do all of these things and more. Our all in one web based software allows for users to integrate number of other solutions into the system, or have the ability to use our own CRM, workflow, client portal, email management and DMS. iChannel also offers the ability to customize how you want to set up the system by offering a SaaS, On Prem and Cloud based models in order to choose the right set up for your business. iChannel also has an intuitive user interface that allows for a seamless experience which saves both time and money through cutting down lost and mismanaged documents.

Document Management Systems are constantly changing and require certain characteristics to keep them updated and useful in today’s world as well as in the future. There are many ways that document management systems can improve in the future, but the biggest additions are better search capabilities, fully operational mobile usability and the ability to have a more personalized setting for each user. In the not so distant future, a number of document management systems will have these features and will change all industries that work with data. To learn more check out this article.

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