Is it Time to Assess Your Document Management System?

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June 4, 2018
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Is it Time to Assess Your Document Management System?

People spend numerous hours every day searching for lost data. The statistics are staggering when you consider, “Document challenges account for 21.3% productivity loss.” (IDC) This is a staggering percentage when you realize that almost a quarter of productivity loss is attributed to not being able to find data when you need it.

Document Management Systems are the cornerstone of a business allowing for seamless transfer and storage of data in a secure environment. This not only makes searching for data a thing of the past, but keeps important documents, spreadsheets, PDF’s and emails protected against hackers. Having a newer document management system with updated security measures along with a more seamless user experience makes the difference between an effective business that utilizes every minute of time and one that is spending hours a day just searching for necessary data that could otherwise be easily accessible.

When choosing a DMS solution, there are two key criteria to consider when deciding which solution is right for your business. The first and most important is security especially if choosing a cloud-based model. It is important to have a secure access point to protect against hackers and other potential security vulnerabilities. The second is choosing an interface that minimizes the learning curve needed to learn how to use the solution. When you have a secure DMS as well as one that’s interface is user friendly, the time saving benefits of using a document management system are endless.

Having a document management system that integrates seamlessly into your office lifestyle can be the most important part of a DMS solution. Considering how your company operates, your business processes, what you work on and how many people are in your organization, can help you choose the proper document management system for your company. The right DMS will help you get back the time lost searching for data that either has multiple versions, is unstructured or undocumented. To learn more about document managements systems, check out this article!


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